//Denver/Boulder’s Most Important Restaurant Openings of 2017

Denver/Boulder’s Most Important Restaurant Openings of 2017

By any measure, 2017 has been an extraordinary year for the Denver/Boulder dining scene. It’s not just a matter of growth, however unprecedented: It’s a matter of caliber and vision. No longer merely responding to trends, Mile High chefs and restaurateurs are now setting them. They’re not only asking the right questions — what does this city really need? what can I bring to the table that isn’t already there? — but answering them in intelligent and gutsy ways. In fact, the fruits of their labor have been so abundant that, for the first time ever, we’ve included an addendum for honorable mentions. But it’s these 14 restaurants that are, in our view, the most likely to make an impact and reshape the landscape as we know it, reverberating far beyond the initial buzz.

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